Mountains or Vines?

Mountain or Vines?
In this part of the Midi Pyrenees the scenery (and living conditions) vary dramatically. At the two extremes you have what I have termed mountains and vines – either the low or high mountain villages or the flat warmer plains and gentle rolling hills where one finds the vineyards and in summer, fields of sunflowers and maize.
Mountain Living

Plus Points
Breathtaking views with a myriad of light changes, sunrises, sunsets and the twinkling lights of other hamlets.
Opportunities for all sorts of outdoor activities direct from your door – walking, trekking, skiing, fishing.
Possible Negative Points
Might get cut off in winter if at high altitude.
Some deep valley properties get almost no sunlight in winter.
Can be further from local shops and amenities.
Mountain folk can be quite reserved and perhaps less welcoming.


Plus Points
Sunny climes with far reaching views over gentle slopes.
Often nearer the coast, likely to be able to drive to the seaside easily.
Possible Negative Points
Vineyards, although green in summer will be brown fields for large parts of winter and spring.

So in summary, it’s all a matter of personal choice and matching the environment to the people who will be using the property – ie elderly relatives probably won’t deal with the sloping gardens that many mountain properties have, but skiers and walkers may well be drawn to the magic of the mountains.